vd11. Daniel's taking self portrait

While on the road travelling, it's not easy to put myself in the picture frame unless you have a tripod to mount the camera and the diligenct to take time to do that, which I don't have most of the time.

I just turn the camera lens toward me and try to eyeball to put my face in the frame I want to be in, and just take a shot. Although I seldom get good picture, I can get at least the little proof that I was there.

And I find out that some people find it funny to see me taking self-portrait.

With Kodak DX-6490, as it has narrower angle, my face fill pretty much the frame with such position. But with Pentax K100D 18-55mm or 18-200mm lens, my face looks smaller and it even shows my neck and shoulders, which gives a little bit better position in the picture.

But as Pentax K100D does outfocusing pretty well, my face looks always un-focused against the focus'd background.

With Kodak DX-6490, which doesn't have the quality of DSLR or film lens, it focus's both my face and the background pretty much the same.

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