VE17. My Old Residences in Berkeley

That bay-windowed on the second story is where I used to live for 6 months from August, 1995 during which time I gained a solid experience in IT world.

It's located on Dwight Street in Berkeley and when I had to leave there, I left hesitantly as I felt so comfortable living there. Although it was not comfortable in terms of living environments (as I had to share bathroom with others and there's no kitchen to cook at all), the room was spacious and the bay window gave me excellent view of the cities and bay area in addition to view on Dwight street down below and around it.

I put a small coffee table by the window and sat there sipping coffee or coke while writing something or gazing streets unfocused. I liked gazing early in the morning when the sun rises and late in the afternoon when the sun sets.

The room was bright all time, as there's a window on the right side wall as well.

Even while writing this one, lots of good memories are going through my mind and head refreshing my emotion. Many new friends, lots of ideas, new experience in new technology, fresh view of life, etc. were gained while there. Strictly speaking, such have nothing to do with the room, but the room was where I felt comfortable doing such things. Staying there was really enjoyable for me.

I wished to get a picture of view from the inside.

That's where I used to live for 3 1/2 years while attending U.C. Berkeley which overlaps with my mentally fruitful years. It's located in Benvenue Ave in Berkeley, and I really enjoyed living there. Here's another view of the area.

The room I stayed can't be seen in the picture, but is located on the first floor of far left side of the picture. I left there hesitantly, but the change was required to keep moving in life.

This is also located at Benvenue Avenue, where I lived for 6 months, which is across from the house where Patti Hearst once lived. The room I stayed was at the penthouse, so I had a nice view of the area from the top, which was the only good part. But I learned not to believe necessarily what other's say while living there, which was a bad experience.

I didn't live there long enough, and used to stay there for a couple of weeks to sublet friend's. As it's the close to the campus, it was convenient for me, which was the best merit of living there. When I lived there in second floor (and I guess it's the fourth window left from the center) overlooking the Durant street, it was a fun just looking at the streets down below. For some other rooms, there were no views although it had windows.

(November 16, 2002)

Copyright© 2002 Daniel SW Kim